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  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Process Design
  • Automation
  • Systems Integration
  • Controls Upgrades
  • Remote Access Programming
  • Fabrication
  • Field Installation
  • Pilot Testing

Pilot tests are small scale studies conducted either in our laboratory or customer facilities. The object is to determine the feasibility and profitability before investing in a commercial system. After completing pilot work and analyzing data, our technicians will recommend changes or approve the necessary process.

  • Membrane Testing
  • Feasibility Studie
  • Consulting
  • MSS technicians are readily available if you are concerned with the performance of your system or have questions about future projects.

  • Comprehensive Plant Surveys
  • Technical Seminars
  • On occasion and upon request, members of our staff will present information on new processes and techniques that we are developing. These presentations are usually held at trade shows, universities and other education institutions for the benefit of industry professionals.

  • Training Programs
  • Upon completion of start-up, a training session is held for plant personnel to explain system operation and maintenance. These sessions facilitate interaction with our staff.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Replacement Parts