About Membrane System Specialists, Inc.

Membrane System Specialists, Inc. (MSS) is a leading provider of custom designed, skid-built processing systems including membrane filtration (UF, RO, NF, MF), pasteurization (HTST), CIP systems, as well as process piping and process integration. By focusing on quality, expandability, and energy efficiency we are able to provide our customers with solutions that not only meet their current requirements, but also offer extended, reliable service while saving energy and maintaining flexibility for the future. Our designs start at single skid-built systems to a complex, multi-system process, we can deliver a complete process solution including process design, engineering, utility specification, equipment fabrication, sanitary installation, controls integration and operator training.

Affiliations and Associations

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Southeastern Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association
Southwestern Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association
Central Wisconsin Cheese and Butter Makers Association
North Central Cheese Industry Association


Eastern European Sales & Manufacturing

Milk Hydrosan SP. z.o.o – Warsaw, Poland

MSS’ association with Milk Hydrosan began nearly ten years ago when it became apparent there was a market for our industry in Eastern Europe. Engineering, manufacturing, installation, and start-up are common grounds for both MSS and Milk Hydrosan which makes this relationship click. Our recent visit to Warsaw and Milk Hydrosan’s visit to Wisconsin Rapids have strengthened not only our business relationship, but our personal relationship as well. Milk Hydrosan shares with MSS the prestigious 2004 Mercurius Gedanensis Award for engineering, design and installation of their Nanofiltration of Whey Concentrate and Whey Demineralization Process Plant in Mlawa, Poland. We both l ook forward to expanding our presence in Eastern Europe.

South America

Aguas & Procesos SA – Argentina

For over tweleve years MSS has been working collaboratively with Aguas y Procesos to provide membrane systems and services to Argentina, Mexico, as well as the rest of Central and South America. Together Aguas & Processos