How To Find the Right Fluid Processing Equipment

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Click to Expand Fluid processing equipment is a wide range of machinery and devices that handle, mix, store, or transport liquids or gases in various processes. They are crucial to many industries, from food and beverage production to pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Moreover, they ensure the quality and safety of products and the efficiency and effectiveness […]

Optimal Dairy Processing

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The dairy industry faces challenges in meeting the growing demand for its products while keeping high quality and efficiency. Thus, optimizing dairy processing plays a crucial role in this industry and is necessary for maximizing profits and satisfying customers. This blog will dive into ways to improve your dairy processing operations and why it is […]

Key Considerations in HTST Pasteurization

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Click to Expand Commonly referred to as the “continuous method” or flash pasteurization, high-temperature short-time (HTST) pasteurization reduces the bacterial content in dairy products and other viscous liquids. This destroys dangerous organisms — such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, molds, and yeasts — that may be present during the production of milk and milk products. HTST […]

How To Choose the Right CIP Systems

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Click to Expand All processing facilities have sanitation as their priority, ensuring the safety of their products. Clean-in-place is a crucial instrument for achieving this objective. CIP systems deliver cleaning procedures to prevent product quality and purity hazards in the food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing industries. What Are CIP Systems? Clean-in-place (CIP) refers to […]

What Are the Advantages of Membrane Filtration?

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Click to Expand Membrane filtration is a pressure-driven, physical separation process that uses a membrane system to separate molecules of different sizes and properties. During membrane filtration, a single feed stream is passed through a membrane that acts as a physical barrier, only allowing certain compounds with special characteristics to pass through. The material that […]

Advantages of Membrane Filtration

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Membrane filtration facilitates a physical separation process by separating molecules of varying sizes and properties. The different pressure levels on either side of the membrane act as the catalyst for the separation process. Membrane technology reduces overall production costs while improving product quality. The process involves passing one feed stream in a membrane system, which […]

Key Uses of Liquid Nanofiltration

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What Is Liquid Nanofiltration? Nanofiltration (NF) utilizes semipermeable membranes to filter our elements larger than 0.001 micron to 0.01 micron from a liquid feed stream. While the exact size of the elements filtered out depends on the size of the membrane pores, NF membrane filters can typically be used to remove suspended solids, microorganisms, and […]

How to Calculate Transmembrane Pressure

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Many food and beverage products, such as low-fat/no-fat dairy products and whey proteins, are produced by the membrane filtration process. This process feeds a liquid through a membrane system, which divides the feed into two separate streams. The feed that passes through the synthetic membrane in the filtration system is known as the permeate, whereas the […]

Types of Membrane Filtration Materials

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In the food and beverage industry, membrane filtration is a commonly used process to increase the value of various plant-based and dairy products and facilitate the reuse of water. Many products are produced through the process of membrane filtration, including whey protein concentrate and yogurts. It’s also used to concentrate plant-based proteins and extract water […]