At Membrane System Specialists, Inc., installation, service, and support are as much a part of what we do as the initial design and fabrication of custom processing and fluid separation equipment. There are many customers who contact us searching for an entire turnkey production plant, which is something we routinely design. However, there are also several customers who wish to upgrade, modify, or expand a specific aspect of their current processing system. In this case, there are additional measures that must be taken to ensure that the new equipment is fully integrated and optimized for use in conjunction with the existing processing line. Our engineers have a wide breadth and depth of experience in food processing, especially in the dairy industry, and can custom program controls as needed to integrate all of a plant’s processing systems.

In fluid separation systems, the membranes must be replaced on a regular basis, typically every 12 to 18 months, to maintain proper separation and prevent clogs from fouling. We provide replacement membranes and other ancillary replacement parts as needed to keep equipment operating at peak efficiency. Standard replacement parts are kept on hand and are ready for immediate shipment to customers around the globe. If more extensive repairs are required, our team of experts provides field service for mechanical repair of processing systems. For software and controls issues, we can often access machinery remotely for expedited service.

In addition to installation and repair, many customers benefit from the custom training and education programs we offer. Seminars regarding the proper operation, cleaning, and maintenance of equipment can be held at the customer’s facility. Involving personnel in the care of new equipment extends accountability and ownership to the entire staff and empowers all workers to properly care for new systems. The level of service we provide coupled with the quality of our equipment, sets us apart in the industry. For additional information about any of our installation, training, or support services, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Installation & Control Integration Highlights

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Process Piping
Balance of Plant Design
Balance of Plant Installation Turnkey
Control Upgrades
Remote Access Programming
Start-up & Training Service

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Additional Services Provided

Product Design
Project Management

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Technical Support
Parts Lists
Ancillary Parts Support

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Industry Standards

3-A Sanitary Standards
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